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MY STORY (Part 2)


So there I was, ready to make an impact and just starting to pursue music like my favorite bands.

In 2011, I attended the Revolve Tour in Anaheim, CA. My mom worked the merch booth in order to secure my ticket and I had (literally) a golden ticket to meet Hawk Nelson.

I walked straight up to their meet and greet table, looked Jason Dunn (former lead singer) in the eyes and said “Your music saved my life and led me to Christ. Now, I write my own songs, lead worship at my church and open for local bands. And my biggest dream is to sing with you one day!”

Jason looked straight back at me and said “Well, let’s make that dream come true!” ...The next day their manager came and found me and I was brought on stage to sing “California” by Hawk Nelson w/ the band themself.

When I walked off that stage & back to my seat, I was in shock. I had just done the biggest thing I could possibly think of doing. I was only 15 years old. If God could make that happen effortlessly, I believed He could do anything.

Still to this day I believe that. I believe God can do anything just from that one experience. I also continued life wondering what God could do next.

It started with a song. All it takes is a song.

I am beyond excited to be at this point in life. I feel so blessed to now have this responsibility as an artist. To be doing the hard work it takes to do this, it’s all worth it. No matter what, I’ll always be doing this because it was done for me. If I could write a song that you can relate to, it’s all worth it.

This was just the beginning of what God would do and is doing.

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